Maths Standard


Key Points by Dymocks Tutoring breaks down all the key concepts you need to know for Maths Standard.

Focussing on a new syllabus for Maths Standard and providing detailed solutions to a variety of example questions, you’ll be able to to maximise your marks, practice effective answers and avoid spending hours simply understanding the concepts.

Written by high-achieving HSC students who achieved Band 6 or E4 in their own exams, you know you’re getting quality study notes to help you through your own HSC Journey. Key Points Maths Standard is written by Tracy Kuo, a university student undertaking Physiotherapy (Honours). She achieved a mark of 95 and 90 in HSC Maths Extension 1 and 2 respectively, leading to a 97.85 ATAR, and has over two years of experience teaching the new Maths syllabus.

Learn from the best and start maximising your marks today with Key Points by Dymocks Tutoring.

Dymocks Tutoring Key Points Series

Dymocks Tutoring has helped thousands of students to maximise their marks, and we wanted to take what we learnt and make it even easier for more students to access notes and resources.

That’s why we launched Key Points by Dymocks Tutoring. A study guide series that distills a course into the information you need to know! Don’t waste hours writing notes that you don’t read. Get our Key Points Study guides – we’ve done the hard work for you, now you can find the answers, concepts and details you need to maximise your marks in the HSC.

Our Key Points guides are written exclusively for Dymocks Tutoring by HSC high achievers and industry experts using real world examples, tips and tricks to make this content stick! Get the ultimate study guide and download Key Points books today.